DAMIT – Definitive Airway Management in Teams


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This course is a 2-day program designed to meet the needs of the advanced provider in the provision of airway management. This course covers the basics or physiology related to airway management, an approach to managing the difficult situation in environments outside of the OR. The emergency management of airways within the context of the difficult physiology, anatomy, and psychology. The team approach is the focus of this course.


This course will orient the advanced provider to the pharmacology approaches, RSI in the difficult situation and will leave the provider with confidence in decision making and team management in the context of advanced airway.

  • Physiology approach to patient assessment and management
  • Indications and overview of intubation and RSI
  • Creating the best environment for success
  • Pharmacology, the recipe for the stable RSI
  • Patient factors; what can we modify and how can we adapt
  • Chasing the right equipment, how to maximise it’s potential
  • Positioning for success
  • Expert laryngoscopy, how to; DL & VL
  • Operator 2; the key player
  • Post intubation and ventilator set up
  • Cases; applying it all together

CPD points with HPCSA: 22 +2 ethics points

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11 – 12 April 2024 JHB- Academy of ALS, 18-19 May 2024 JHB, 14-15 May 2024 Polokwane, 2 – 3 May 2024 JHB, 30-31 July 2024 JHB, 6-7 July 2024 Kimberley, 11-12 September 2024 JHB